The Maryland Region III Health and Medical Coalition is constantly looking for ways to improve its capabilities and test its developed regional plans. The Coalition regularly participates in and hosts exercises and trainings to build resiliency and preparedness throughout the Region. Many of these events are not only for Coalition members, but designed to collaborate with additional preparedness and response partners throughout the State of Maryland, both public and private. The Coalition designs its trainings and exercises to align with FEMA requirements, ASPR requirements for HPP and PHEP, The Joint Commission, as well as other regulatory bodies deemed necessary to increase response efficiency and effectiveness. By doing this, the trainings and exercises are tailored to fit the needs of the Coalition and community at large, as well as individual Coalition members.

woman moving sticky notes on a board during a workshop

Each year the Coalition strives to either host or participate in at least one (1) exercise and training. Below is a sampling of the trainings and exercises the Coalition has recently participated in:

  • Medical Surge Test/Evacuation Regional Tabletop
  • Pediatric Surge Regional Tabletop
  • Medical Surge Regional Full Scale Exercise
  • Regional Alternate Care Site Workshop
  • Crisis Standards of Care/Allocation of Scarce Resources Workshop
  • Communication and Information Sharing Regional Training and Exercise
  • State Sponsored Regional Ebola Tabletop and Conference
  • Regional Evacuation Workshop
  • State Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Plan Training and Workshop